AusPrivacy #2

AusPrivacy #2
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Elon accuses eSaftey of censorship, most banks admit they need to modernise their systems, Apple Vs Epic in Aus is sliding under the radar, NBN shows they can give huge speeds but never probably will, Chinese hackers and more.

In the news

Meta and X cop takedown orders over Sydney stabbing videos
Watchdog gives them 24 hours.

Elon's response below.

Elon Musk and X to fight Australian eSafety order to remove content relating to Sydney stabbing
Company says it complied with directive over posts about stabbing of Sydney bishop but will challenge ‘unlawful and dangerous approach’ in court
Defence awards last $3.5m in grants before program reform
Defence industry grants worth $3.47 million is being shared by eight local companies, the last to be awarded before the new grants program regime arrives in June. The funding projects include technologies for use in hybrid rocket motors, radar and surveillance systems, communication systems, anti-drone technologies, and robotics and submarines, among others. The matched grants have been awarded through the Defence Global Competitiveness and Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority grant programs, which have now closed.

Most banks admit their system are old and is holding them back. Let's just start with moving away from SMS 2FA.

iTWire - Three-quarters of banks admit they need to modernise their core systems
The majority of financial institutions including banks are struggling to take advantage of new payment offerings and stronger cybersecurity because their core systems haven’t been modernised, according to a new retail banking report. However, the report by technology services company Endava reveals…
iTWire - RMIT opens $1million learning space dedicated to Apple Foundation Program at City Campus
RMIT University has unveiled a new dedicated space for learners participating in the Apple Foundation Program at the university. The new learning space dedicated to the Apple Foundation Program at RMIT is now open to teach technology skills for jobs of the future, with the million-dollar space, desi…
iTWire - Macquarie acquires Intellicentre campus from Keppel
Macquarie Technology Group announced the acquisition of its existing Macquarie Park data centre campus from Singapore's Keppel DC REIT. According to reports, the companies have signed an agreement that will see Macquarie acquire the existing Intellicentre 2 and Intellicentre 3 East land and buil…

Apple Vs Epic is currently in the Federal Court, and I've only found one article on it, super disappointing. Oh an it's behind a paywall. But the gist of it, no one at Apple takes notes in meetings because Steve Jobs didn't like people taking notes. That means there's jack all info on how Apple came up with their App Store policies.

Apple exec’s secret to success: don’t take notes
In his first day of cross-examination, Apple Fellow Phil Schiller lays out its casual but obviously effective approach to decision-making.

Subscription required, sorry.

Defence counts $1.5bn-plus investment for enterprise data and ICT
Split between network and systems domains.
BoQ set to roll out digital mortgage platform
Will enable BoQ to “compete at a lower cost” while improving customer experience.

I hate this type of NBN news, happens all the time with tests of speeds we will never get. They delivered 10G, 25G, 50G, and 100G broadband speeds over its existing fibre network. JUST GIVE ME FAST INTERNET.

iTWire - NBN Co deploys Nokia’s fibre solution to show broadband speeds over live network
Wholesale broadband provider NBN Co completed what it calls the first live network demonstration of multiple next-generation PON technologies, leveraging Nokia’s fibre Lightspan access platform. NBN Co delivered 10G, 25G, 50G, and 100G broadband speeds over its existing fibre network using Nokia’s L…

I'll admit I'm a little ignorant about AI, feels like a buzz word that one exec seems to get a hard on for and forces to business to integrate it everywhere.

Barbeques Galore starts work on AI roadmap
Brings in Kodora to help lay data foundations, draw up strategy.

Australia is one of the top 3 countries using the LabHost website, and 5 people have been arrested. One guy from Adelaide is being charged for seven counts of failing to provide a password, which I'd be super interested in what the sentence for this would be.

Five Australians arrested in global raid on phishing kit seller LabHost
Used to steal personal info of 94,000 people.
iTWire - Waave launches ‘Wallet’ for Pay by Bank with ‘Australian-first’ biometric security
Payments technology and Open Banking company Waave has announced the introduction of the Waave Wallet to house its upgraded Pay by Bank product, a real-time account-to-account payment method which now features “industry-leading” biometric security access - a first for payment methods in Australia. W…
‘MOTHERF***ER!’: Texts reveal how Chinese hackers target Oz
Chinese spies have identified an Australian research institute as a priority target in their cyber-attack operations, with The Nightly able to confirm messages about our nation. WARNING: COARSE LANGUAGE
Legality of AFP’s encrypted Trojan horse app AN0M likely to be challenged in High Court, prosecutor says
The trial of a Hunter Valley man charged with proceeds of crime offences is postponed, after a judge is told the legality of an app used by police to gather evidence against him is likely to be challenged in Australia’s highest court.

Thought this one below was a good read. Not directly AusPrivacy related, but would have major implications world wide. Ghost seems to hate the link too, maybe Reuters doesn't like linking like this.


PyCon AU 2024
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Pearce Media a NZ based developer who makes Apple apps based around HomeKit/Apple Home, has a new site listing all the available HomeKit cameras and a feature summary. - Every HomeKit camera and more

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