AusPrivacy #6

AusPrivacy #6
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Digital ID passes Parliament, Border Force is unlawfully taking our phones, SA to ban the socials if you're under 14, Computers make Woolies run out of fruit, and breaches, breaches and more breaches.

The Digital ID has passed Parliament, which will allow people with "passports, birth certificates and driver’s licences, to verify their identity online, reducing the information held by businesses and, therefore, the seriousness of any data breaches." Still a couple of years away, but the less thats held in the hands of others the better.

Gov to inject $288m into Digital ID
Plans pilots for adding government-verified credentials to digital wallets.
Australian court lifts order blocking X on church video
Rejects eSafety case.
Australian man says border force made him hand over phone passcode by threatening to keep device indefinitely
Tech entrepreneur who lives in the US says he has been held up at Sydney airport for hours three times in the past year
NT to join southern states with digital driver’s licence
Digital driver’s licences will be trialed in the Northern Territory before the end of next year, with the government announcing $20 million in funding to become the fifth jurisdiction to rollout the plastic card alternative. The move, revealed on Saturday, follows the launch of digital licences in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland since 2017 and comes as Victoria prepares its state-wide rollout this month. It puts the territory on track to leapfrog neighboring state Western Australia – one of only two remaining jurisdictions yet to announce plans for a digital drive’s licence.
‘There’s no time to waste’: SA government looks into social media ban for children
The SA government announces what it says is an “ambitious” first step to protect children from social media and its harmful impacts on their mental health, but one expert says a blanket ban is rarely the answer.
Embattled lender Firstmac releases new statement on cyber attack
Firstmac confirms customer data was compromised in an attack by the EMBARGO ransomware gang.
Exclusive: Australian energy and internet provider Sumo confirms customer data breach
Customer credit scores, passports, driver’s licences and more were accessed by an “unknown person” via a third-party hack.

How do you like them bananas!?

Woolworths shelves left bare across parts of Queensland after ‘terrible IT problem’
Customers take to social media to complain after stores in Brisbane and state’s south-east left without fresh produce

Can someone please tell NBN that we want symmetrical speeds? Why do they hate uploads so much. I was expecting the new 2Gbps speeds to be a massive tease but it could be as soon as this year.

NBN Co starts talking about 2Gbps plans
Also signals potential upload speed boost for ‘ultrafast’ tier.
BREAKING: NCSC warns of ‘large-scale ransomware data breach incident’; MediSecure the victim
Australia’s National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) has said it is working on a “whole-of-government response” ransomware attack on e-prescription firm MediSecure.


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